The Team

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Carl Daniel

Founder & CEO

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Susie Daniel

Body Composition Analyst


Joshua Daniel

Social Media Manager

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In October 2020 Carl weighed in at 107kg (16st12lbs) and by June 2021 he weighed in at 90kg (14st3lbs). A total loss of 17kg (2st9lbs) and this was 98% fat mass lost as he was also training, his muscle mass increased.  In October 2020, Susie was 64.5kg (10st2lbs) and by June 2021 she had achieved 52.4kg (8st4lbs) a loss of just under 2 stone. And as of writing this in October 2021 she has now lost exactly 2st and has reached her natural healthy level.​


Susie and Carl say that the ketogenic lifestyle has changed their lives completely and although they do not preach this way of life, they would happily explain to people how it could help them. 

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The years 2020 and 2021 have been a really tough year for so many people. The likelihood is  that most of you reading this will have been significantly affected by Covid 19.  It has highlighted how fragile and important life and loved ones are to us all.

During the numerous lock downs Susie and Carl made a conscious decision to ensure that they made their health a priority. It is tough enough when you face a pandemic like Covid when you are relatively healthy (or think you are), but if you have underlying health issues it can be very distressing to say the least. So they focused on their lifestyle to enable them to be in the best possible place regarding their wellness.  This would then ensure they could fight off any unwanted ailments including the terrifying pandemic.

Carl cut out alcohol for over 18 months and started to do some online HIIT classes and noticed that although his weight was reducing, the body fat % was not really shifting as he would have hoped. Susie followed some Yoga classes online and also noticed not much change in her body shape/weight etc. It was this and the fact that they were stuck at home with time on their hands that they started to research various lifestyles to understand what they needed to do to get the best possible outcome. A few friends of their's always championed the Ketogenic lifestyle which was their first go to, to see if this could work for them.  Initially Carl started this way of eating without Susie and the results were astonishing. After a while Susie wanted to understand what was happening. So they both decided to embrace the lifestyle and learn all about it from recognised sources and evidence based health and wellness studies.  They both embarked on some recognised courses to further their own knowledge and gain some qualifications along the way.  


To this day they still follow the Ketogenic Lifestyle even though they have both reached their goals.

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Along with the change in lifestyle, both Susie and Carl spent time discussing what was really important to them. This included how they felt, what made them happy and what they wanted to achieve to help them live a long and fulfilled life. 


It is very true that when you hear of, or have people you know and love being so tragically affected by health issues, it puts your own life into sharp perspective.  They decided that they wanted to help others who may feel they are in a rut with health issues to explore and be aware of any issues that they have the opportunity to affect in a positive way.